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What is SEE Wheelers?

SEE Wheelers is an online global networking platform for sustainability-conscious individuals as well as companies. ‘SEE’ stands for Social, Economic, and Environmental sustainability whereas ‘Wheeler’ represents the ‘online sustainability footprint’.

What is SEE Wheelers sustainability footprintTM?

SEE Wheelers sustainability footprintTM is an online sustainability footprint which is made up of sustainability-dimensions of user's interests. It operates as a directory of a user’s sustainable ideas, actions, and achievements that produce or/and are capable of producing sustainability impact.

What's the mission and vision ?

Mission: “Be the first choice for individuals and entities across the world to interact socially about sustainability ideas, actions, and achievements”. Vision: “A sustainability social networking platform for the world to bring change and make a lasting impact”.

Why should I join the network ?

To create an online sustainability footprint of your own and get connected to like-minded people who have common sustainability interests/dimensions and to produce sustainability impact. SEE Wheelers not only allows to build organic networks, raise campaigns (social, environment, product market), post volunteering/paid jobs for sustainability-related works but also enables to learn the contributions and the impact that everyone is making towards the environment and societies across the world.

Where can I get the app /How can I join the app ?

A basic version of the app is now made available on both the Android and iOS. Create a login of your own or just sign up through Gmail/LinkedIn/Facebook to access the app to create your unique online sustainability footprint. Updated versions of the app will be progressively made available with advanced features to keep you more engaged and to serve the purpose.

Who can join the app/ use this app ?

Anyone and everyone who is sustainability conscious and wants to share their contributions and achievements with like-minded people to spread the idea and its impact to all parts of the world.

How is SEE Wheelers App contributing towards sustainability ?

Everyone that are present on SEE Wheelers are sustainability-conscious, unlike other platforms where people from varied spectrum of interests engage. The sustainability content that is posted on SEE Wheelers potentially reaches to a larger community of users from across the world. The spirit of sustainability and the actions could motivate more people to learn, share, and engage actively by adopting sustainability practices which would eventually assist to spread the word of sustainability to not only all parts of the world, but importantly, produce a lasting impact for the world.

APP Usage
How can I register / join ?

Create your own profile by filling in the important/mandatory details.
Alternatively, use your existing Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn credentials.

What are the dimensions and how do I choose them ?

The following dimensions of sustainability are included for the first and basic version of the app and new ones will be added progressively. Dimensions: Green commute, Grow green, Health & wellness, Sustainable production & consumption, Plastic-less living, Recycling, Careers & knowledge/education, Equality, Wildlife & pets, and SEE as the default dimension at the center.

Required information for registration ?

Please fill in the mandatory marks in the profile creation section.

Create wheel/online sustainability footprint and wheel functionality ?

Select dimensions of your interest and click ‘build wheel’ - your online sustainability footprint is created.
For posting content/feeding your wheel - 1) Select the ‘pen button’ to write content, select relevant dimension from the drop-down list, and press ‘Feed’ to post your content, the content will be arrangement/viewed/sorted as per the dimensions 2) Alternatively, write content and click ‘feed’ button which goes directly into the ‘SEE’ which is in the center of the wheel.

Modules and usage in app ?

Groups: This feature is designed to provide a common platform for people who share common interest within sustainability. For example if you are in Newyork city and interested in recycling. You can create/join a group called Newyork recycling, meet and discuss with people who share similar interests.
Campaigns: Campaigns was designed to serve people who wants to achieve a common goal within sustainability. Examples include campaign to eliminate plastics locally, campaign against an industrial company polluting local water bodies, campaign to recycle food etc.
Channels: Channels was designed for influencers and activists who are enthusiastically fighting for the cause of sustainability. Followers can follow the activities and content posted by activists.
Jobs: As the name suggests it is a job portal but dedicated to sustainability-specific jobs. The jobs can be voluntary, part-time, full-time positions serving the cause of sustainability. Users are encouraged to post, find and refer to these jobs, and actively drive sustainability careers as people’s choices to make a difference.

How can my friends join the app/ network ?

Please use the share buttons to share your profile to people that are active on other widely used apps.
To build an organic network, view the profile that have common interests and send network connection requests.

What if I do not know what dimension my interest lies in ?

Please refer to the website to understand more about what each dimension represents.

What if I do not know what dimension my post/update falls into ?

If you are unsure about where to post or due to own reasons that you do not want to link the content to relevant dimensions from the drop-down in that feed/post section, please feed your content to SEE (default button from the drop down) which appears in the center of your wheel to access your content.

What if the sustainability activity that I am interested in is not covered in the dimensions/app ?

We will be adding in more dimensions as we bring in app updates. Alternatively, please suggest us about the potential dimensions through our feedback section. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

What/ Why are 3 different news feeds present/ What are own/ network and open network ?

Own feed is the content that you create by yourself; Network section shows up the content that is created by the people that you are connected to; and the open network is an open-network where you will have access to view the content of all dimensions.

Why different wheels for own, network and open network ?

The wheel in own and network sections show up same dimensions that you selected to build your wheel and to build a network of common interests. This, therefore, allows you to access the content you created by yourself as well as the content created by the people in your network for the same dimensions. However, open-network allows you access content outside of your interest that sometimes you may want to review for specific reasons.

What are the percentages in my wheel and how to calculate them / How is my activity in app calculated ?

It is an aggregate value of the number of posts/content you created for each dimension. For example, your wheel has 2 dimensions in that the first dimension had 71 posts created at any given time while other dimension had 29 posts which makes the first dimension to show up 71% whereas the second shows up 29%.

What media can i upload ?

It is an aggregate value of the number of posts/content you created for each dimension. For example, your wheel has 2 dimensions in that the first dimension had 71 posts created at any given time while other dimension had 29 posts which makes the first dimension to show up 71% whereas the second shows up 29%.

How are friend suggestions and percentages calculated ?

Based on the number of dimensions that match between profiles.

Privacy and Data protection
What happens to / who can view my data and activity in the app ?

Users on the platform can have access to view your activities. However, you can modify your privacy settings to limit who can view your data.

Is my privacy at risk here ?

We have taken all the essential measures to ensure your privacy is fully protected.

How am I / my data is protected on this platform ?

We have taken all the essential measures to protect your data that you post or share on the platform.

Feedback and Other Issues
APP crash, bugs, other functional issues ?

As much as we strive to bring you high quality product, there will be some occasional issues here and there. We encourage our users to simply report any issues you face with our App. We will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Would you like to see/use a certain feature in the app ?

We are happy to listen to our users ideas. We can guarantee that we carefully evaluate every possibility before implementing any new feature.

Want to work with us to support the cause of sustainable living ?

The best thing about this app is that you will be able to find simple but effective ways to engage and contribute towards sustainable future by simply registering here first. How?
Unlike traditional social networking media, we are here to solve a global problem by engaging people from across the world that are sustainability-conscious. So just being active on this platform means that you have taken a step forward to integrate yourself with a larger community of sustainability-minds and serve the cause. However, we encourage you not to stop just there but make maximum of the platform by engaging in discussion with global community on sustainability ideas, actions, products etc and continue to spread awareness.
If that is not enough and you want to convert your mission into a full time career, feel free to send us your ideas to

General feedback ?

Please feel free to send an email to We are happy to listen to any kind of feedback from our users and make this platform more user friendly.