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SEE Wheelers is a networking platform that connects like-minded sustainability conscious people and firms to create, share, and discuss sustainability content (brief musings, ideas, thoughts, actions, discussion, and product/service information) at one place to create impact. We create impact by making the sustainability content available to people and firms from across the globe to help improve their understanding on sustainability and the importance of its adoption. Our impact creation efforts also include collaborative engagements with wide-range of sustainability-conscious firms to enhance the value proposition of their products and services.

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What is SEE Wheelers?

SEE Wheelers is an online global networking platform for sustainability-conscious individuals as well as companies. ‘SEE’ stands for Social, Economic, and Environmental sustainability whereas ‘Wheeler’ represents the ‘online sustainability footprint’.

What is SEE Wheelers sustainability footprintTM?

SEE Wheelers sustainability footprintTM is an online sustainability footprint which is made up of sustainability-dimensions of user's interests. It operates as a directory of a user’s sustainable ideas, actions, and achievements that produce or/and are capable of producing sustainability impact.

What's the mission and vision ?

Mission: “Be the first choice for individuals and entities across the world to interact socially about sustainability ideas, actions, and achievements”. Vision: “A sustainability social networking platform for the world to bring change and make a lasting impact”.

Why should I join the network ?

To create an online sustainability footprint of your own and get connected to like-minded people who have common sustainability interests/dimensions and to produce sustainability impact. SEE Wheelers not only allows to build organic networks, raise campaigns (social, environment, product market), post volunteering/paid jobs for sustainability-related works but also enables to learn the contributions and the impact that everyone is making towards the environment and societies across the world.

Where can I get the app /How can I join the app ?

A basic version of the app is now made available on both the Android and iOS. Create a login of your own or just sign up through Gmail/LinkedIn/Facebook to access the app to create your unique online sustainability footprint. Updated versions of the app will be progressively made available with advanced features to keep you more engaged and to serve the purpose.

Who can join the app/ use this app ?

Anyone and everyone who is sustainability conscious and wants to share their contributions and achievements with like-minded people to spread the idea and its impact to all parts of the world.

How is SEE Wheelers App contributing towards sustainability ?

Everyone that are present on SEE Wheelers are sustainability-conscious, unlike other platforms where people from varied spectrum of interests engage. The sustainability content that is posted on SEE Wheelers potentially reaches to a larger community of users from across the world. The spirit of sustainability and the actions could motivate more people to learn, share, and engage actively by adopting sustainability practices which would eventually assist to spread the word of sustainability to not only all parts of the world, but importantly, produce a lasting impact for the world.

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Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions.